Your opportunity now is to expand your trade in furnishings and home furnishings with Turkish industry, and before that, Home is the first destination for Arab traders in Turkey.

With just one click, you can get wholesale price quotations for the products you are interested in.

As is the case, Gabli Home offers retail sales of furniture and home furnishings in addition to wholesale sales at competitive prices and many additional services that make it easier for you to sell your goods in a short period of time and with remarkable profits.

What do we offer you as a wholesaler of furniture?
We offer you the latest Turkish furnishings and the latest designs at very competitive prices
Ship goods to your country with full customs clearance and delivery procedures
Enter the products that you have purchased from Home in our platform to help you sell them in the shortest time
Build your own online store with all operations, management, marketing and selling for a full year for free
Building your own "cheap" mobile app that enables you to sell your products more effectively

Kabli Home has branches and distributors in Libya and the Gulf countries, and it exports all home furniture products, including bedroom sets, living room sets, salon tables, TV tables and all home decoration accessories.

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